About Dabala Media

Is the impossible possible even though it seems impossible? One voice equal to all those of the most powerful media in the world? Yes, if the media audiences throughout the world want to hear it. In their own interest.

Dabalamedia.com is the first totally independent, authorial and professional platform in the world to audit the quality of the media and communications. Its aim is to provide you with means of escape from the journalistic and social media monopoly of information, newsletters, opinions and interests, all exclusively controlled by the media. You will learn the value of the media product you receive, exactly what you are spending your money on. Here you will learn to understand and use the media better. You will get a feel for it, and not just be familiar with it. Dabalamedia.com serves thinking journalism and politics and aims to improve their quality. It opposes all hate messaging and professional vanity.

The world has access to professional media on the one hand and social portals on the other, but has no idea about, and no influence on, the value of the product they push into our minds. Dabalamedia.com wants to be a third force, independent and professional, giving voice to those who do not know how the media work but have no option but to rely on them. It wants to stand for the interests of media consumers, as a form of defence, assessment and education. Dabalamedia.com gives you the opportunity to take a detached, objective look at such powerful giants as CNN, BBC, The New York Times, Die Welt, Le Monde, The Guardian, Corriere della Sera, El Pais, Yomiuri Shimbun, The Times of India, Izvestia, China Daily, or social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

According to Dabalamedia.com the key to media thinking and communicating is to understand the rule:

Dabalamedia.com does not represent any political, ideological, religious, professional or personal views or interests. Its only aim is global optimisation of thinking, including media thinking as the main carrier of that activity in the individual, social and political dimension. To do good and do no harm are the only markers for thinking understood in this way. Every diagnosis stimulates thinking about the media in all possible ways that language provides.  Educating in thinking about the media has to be without limits. The media don’t have any limits, nor will they ever, regardless of various attempts to change things for the benefit of various groups. This means that understanding the media requires full creative freedom in using language. Every provocative statement, every instance of irony or visualisation, simile or metaphor, mental shortcut or rhetorical device opens new doors in media perception. Dabalamedia.com never intends to offend. All the means used to diagnose issues are inspired by the media and serve to optimise thinking, to inform and educate, and in this way to provide greater security for institutions and individuals when they use the media.

What you will find here and why it is important and necessary

Dabalamedia.com provides unique diagnoses of selected media messages from all over the world, an assessment of the media in practice. Here you will find thoughtfulness, logic and reason, and benefit from many years’ experience, applied and theoretical knowledge, competence and skills.  Dabalamedia.com shows how to think about the media and in the media, develops media instinct and safe communication. It reveals the mechanisms that make the media work and illustrates the most important tendencies in world journalism. It stimulates quick thinking, provides safeguards against fake news, indoctrination, manipulation and naivety, develops intelligence, interpersonal awareness, communication and media judgment.

Who is it meant for?     

Dabalamedia.com is intended primarily for professionals throughout the world, for all those who use the media to communicate, for institutions that depend on information, such as embassies, government representatives, international and social organisations, foundations, think tanks, businessmen, lawyers, media proprietors, editors-in-chief, journalists, creative artists and social media participants, politicians and celebrities, actors, sportspeople, serious bloggers, teachers and civil servants, religious leaders and medical companies, academic institutions but also for everyone who wants to understand the essence of media messaging, who does not want to be deceived, indoctrinated or manipulated and seeks the truth without the discomfort of mistrust or uncertainty.

What is a media quality audit and what are its benefits?

Every diagnosis is brief, condensed and accessible. It is a professional and up-to-date assessment both of the standard of journalism and communication and the situation being presented. It differs from journalism and social portals in almost every way possible; the reader perceives and conceptualises media while being encouraged to think at the same time, learning to perceive professionally and untypically, to question one’s assumptions. The audits stimulate sensitivity, intuition, rationality and detachment, humour and imagination and finally provide the satisfaction of understanding. The diagnoses bring about confrontations between the reader’s intelligence and media messages. They are uncompromising, provocative and decisive, without mincing words and denouncing globally stupidity of the media and in the media.

Why is this way of auditing the media necessary now?

First of all it fills the enormous gap between the affluent professional media and social portals. In the interests of everyone it answers the question: what is the value of media information?, and it does so in a way that is very unlike that of the academia or journalism. There is no standard journalistic or amateurish approach. Dabalamedia.com has quite a different perception of the world and the media; the knowledge, competence and skills, the message itself, are very different. The diagnoses are independent, objective and uncompetitive, and what they offer is unlike anything else, providing the know-how to raise the quality of communicating, as well as friendly and competent criticism of errors in thinking about the media and in the media. When necessary, they make it clear to media players that their vanity and self-importance are grotesque. The necessity of auditing the media, of creating a third platform alongside the journalistic and social ones has everything to do with responsible thinking about universal values, the safety of humanity and the planet, tolerance, decisions and choices that are important everywhere in the world.

How does Dabalamedia.com work?

The functioning of this site depends entirely on the interest of institutions, be it government, social, media, business, academic, church or artistic, and individual citizens in different countries in the world. The reaction to the opportunity of using Dabalamedia.com is also a kind of test for media audiences. How far are they aware of the necessity to have an independent audit of media quality? They will also learn, by subscribing or not, whether they are indoctrinated (enslaved?) by the traditional way of absorbing information about the media from the media themselves or from commissioned research. If Dabalamedia.com comes to be recognized as necessary it has a chance of becoming a third and totally independent force in the media space, one that is opinion-forming, international and equal to the great media conglomerates and portals. In the interest of all media audiences.


Dabalamedia.com does not conduct polemics and does not respond to questions. It offers a particular value, style and way of thinking. Everyone can accept or reject the platform by subscribing or not. In case of problems with the subscription contact the platform coordinator by filling the email form. Who, where from, what about?

What you are buying, how much and how?

You are paying for exceptional content and quality, the effort and experience, the knowledge and competence of the auditor. You are buying a way of thinking, understanding the media and communicating, and not a journalistic or social message or an ordinary newsletter.

The annual subscription is 120 euro, purchased once a year. Accepting and purchasing the subscription means that the purchaser (subscriber) accepts all the information, conditions and style of audit provided on the Dabalamedia.com website.
You can have access to the new and archived diagnoses for only € 12 for 3 months or annual subscription with 20% discount. By purchasing a subscription the purchaser (subscriber) accepts all the information, conditions and style of auditing provided on Dabalamedia.com. The subscription is non-refundable regardless of circumstances, such as disease or demise of the author. You will get your invoice upon payment for the subscription. Renewal of the subscription for another 3 months or year is automatic if you do not terminate it by email.

Media diagnoses for subscribers

Frequency: once a week.
Length: About 2 000 characters with spaces
Day of publication: Monday