prof. Jacek Dabala

A full professor, novelist, screenwriter, and former TV and radio journalist. He is a professor at the Institut of Journalism, Media, and Social Communication at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków (Poland). He deals with media quality audit, visualization of the future and commenting on media and communication issues. His academic specialisms cover media, communication, literature and film. Recently, he has been examining the quality of thinking in the media in the context of the intellectual level of societies and analyzing examples and causes of stupidity in the media. He is also the creator of a new original method of interpreting semantic fields in communication. He has produced numerous articles and academic books, including in-depth studies on media dramaturgy for writers, journalists, and filmmakers: Mystery and Suspense in Creative Writing (Berlin-Zurich: Lit Verlag, 2012), Creative Paths to Television Journalism (Frankfurt am Main-New York-Oxford: Peter Lang, 2015), and Thinking. The Heart of the Media (Frankfurt am Main-New York-Oxford: Peter Lang, 2021). After graduating from the internationally known National Film School in Lodz, he wrote the screenplay for one of the best-known Polish films, Young Wolves, 1995 (Mlode wilki). He has published ten novels (mystery, suspense, thriller, fantasy, and humor) as well as one play. He is a member of the Polish Film Academy, the Association of Polish Writers, the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Polish Association of Medical Communications and the Polish Communication Association.