Emotions manufactured by the media

Building up fear and anger helps to win elections. People love an extreme experience on condition it does not hurt them. That is why fear and anger are so easy to spread. Paradoxically one can infect most people in this way regardless of education, class or profession. Everyone can be frightened easily if they feel that the threat is personal.

Fox News is a broadcaster in that empire of democracy, the USA. It is conservative and favours citizens with specific views. It nur¬tures these views by evoking fear and anger, which is easy. The strange phenomenon is that people believe such narratives. Perhaps the explanation might be that the United States grew out of fear and anger, that democracy and power developed from these very roots. Fear of Indians and lawlessness before winning state¬hood and the civil war were constant and all-pervading emotions. The constant need for defence and self-defence while building a new society, culture, nation and state. Perhaps that is why it is so easy today to frighten Americans by anything that threatens its power. The paradox is that power has to be con¬stantly fed with conservative fear and hatred of change. Para¬doxically, in that country of freedom the identifying of the enemy is viewed as defence of freedom, not its restriction. Forcing emotional thinking on people is regarded by some as some¬thing precious and important – patriotism. The media produce emotions without safety valves, without under¬standing that things will get out of hand and the other side will respond with an attack. Con-servatism, like anarchy, breeds stupidity.